With a vast comprehensive combined experience in mining, construction and aggregate equipment, Global Tractor Company can assist our clients with their equipment buying needs as well as provide insight to questions on application and equipment availability. In a complex industry with many options, our experience can help analyze your application and determine the best possible equipment to most effectively complete the task. From electric drive to mechanical drive haul trucks, to the proper loading tools, we have the knowledge and experience in the industry to offer solutions to help maximize client resources for the highest output of production.

Global Tractor Company can offer our clients practical insight for understanding the value and current market trends for remarketing or evaluating their older machinery. We provide desktop evaluations of equipment as well as inspections, to help maximize equipment availability.


Burt Cunningham

General Manager, Boise Office

Burt Cunningham is the General Manger of Global Tractor Company, in Boise Idaho. Prior to his current position, Burt had extensive experience in the machinery industry. He grew up in Casper, Wyoming and holds an A.A.S in Petroleum Engineering. With the oil industry severely depressed, he decided to take a different path and sought employment in the gold mines in Nevada, where he remained for 4 years. Upon returning to Wyoming, he realized that seeking a career in the petroleum industry was not an easy endeavor and therefore, he decided to move to Las Vegas with his family. It was there where he found his way into the machinery business.

Starting with territory sales position at Blaine Equipment Co (John Deere dealer for Nevada now Coastline Equipment), Burt spent 6 years honing his skills, gaining knowledge and developing his passion for the equipment business.  In 2001 he joined Cashman Equipment Co. (Caterpillar dealer for Nevada), and within less than a year, he worked himself up to a Sales Manager position for all of Southern Nevada.  Soon after; he was transferred into International Used Equipment Sales where he established himself in this very exclusive group as a knowledgeable and trusted member.  When opportunity aroused in 2008, Burt decided to relocate to Boise Idaho and join his older brother Mike to run and be Sales Manager for Excel Equipment Company specializing in the pipeline industry as well as the on-road truck and trailer business. 

In 2016 Burt was offered a new challenge to establish a market presence for Global Tractor Company operation in Boise, Idaho.  With his unique knowledge and expertise ranging from on-road machinery all the way to mining, Burt managed to become a versatile, well trusted asset in the industry.  

Burt has also served 5 years on the IEDA (Independent Equipment Dealers Association) Board of Directors and was President from 2014-2015.  


Drew D. Van Brunt

General Manager, Dallas Office

Drew Van Brunt grew up in Northern MN and holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Wisconsin. He started his career in the machinery business in 2001 by joining Dom-Ex, located in Hibbing, MN, as a Sales Assistant. After less than a year he was promoted to be in charge of the International Sales in Africa & the Middle East. Throughout his many years of extensive traveling all over world, Drew managed to create not only an overseas market, but also a massive network of contacts & relationship that helped him build his very sophisticated skill sets in Mining and Heavy Equipment Industry.

In 2009, and after a change in management, Drew decided to start Global Tractor Company with another partner.  A year later, he obtained full ownership of Global Tractor Company and has been running it since then. By utilizing his skill sets and great network of customers and business associates, Drew was able to create name recognition and a respectful reputation for Global Tractor Company.

He also served for several years as a board member in Independent Equipment Dealer Associate and was nominated as President of the IEDA for two consecutive years, during which the IEDA experienced significant changes and improvement. 


Samah Farousi

Office Manager

Samah Farousi was born in Syria, and spent most of her childhood overseas. She grew up in Egypt and lived in Jordan for few years before moving back to Syria to obtain her B.A. in English Literature and Post Graduate Diploma in Translation. She’s fluent in both English and Arabic and for two years, she worked as an English professor at Tishreen University where she received her degree. When an opportunity presented itself, she moved to The United Arab Emirates where she lived in Dubai for more than 5 years. She worked as an administrative assistant at a design company but then was offered a position in the sales department in Siemens Medical. During her stay in Dubai, she also worked as a free lance translator/interpreter. Living in many countries gave Samah the flexibility and ability to create relationships and develop social as well as professional skills. In 2005, she moved to the United States. She’s currently the Office Manager at Global Tractor Company and been working there for the last 6 years.